VAT Services

Our task and approach in applying the VAT Taxation System within your company / organization will be implemented in the 4 following steps:

VAT Implication Review 4-6 weeks.
Planning & Implementation 4-5 weeks.
VAT Reporting Review 2-3 weeks.
Post Implementatio Assistance 2-3 weeks.

The 4-phase work Approach shown above will assist you in undertaking an effective transition program for the implementation of VAT to review the relevant areas of the business that would be impacted and identify issues for resolution. This woul enable you to be "VAT-Ready" upon completion of the 4 phases above.
The four-step methodology for VAT implementation is based on our experience with VAT implementations across the world, most recently with regards to the VAT implementation in Malaysia and the VAT refirm in China. We would typically follow this approach to enable you to fully prepare for the VAT and identify opportunities ahead of your competitiors.
Each phase of the project will take into account the ongoing developments and information. Howeever, there may still be amendments made to the final format of the VAT regime in the course of its implementation. We will consider such developments and will reflect them in the scope of work under each phase of the project.
Our methodology is flexible and will be adapted to meet your specific need and expectations as our work progresses. Should you require changes to the agreed project scope in the course of our work, we will discuss and reflect them in the scope of work before we proceed.