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Al Shaibany Group

Business Development

Accounting consultancy services, including bookkeeping and accounting systems and integration

Feasibility Studies.

Settling the financial disputes, and the fraud investigation, including providing the consultancy that related to the partners or companies’ disputes, as well as assisting the companies in preparing and applying the policies and procedures of Anti-Fraud.

Receivership and Liquidation.

Providing the services of Management consultancy, including setting up financial and accounting systems, Computer’s systems, Costing accounting systems, Administrative systems, Internal control systems.

Business Process Management (BPM).

Provide services to improve the work performance for the main jobs in the companies.

HR Consulting services.

Risk Management services.

Transactions services including the Acquisitions, conducting Acquisitions on behalf of the management (buyouts companies), assisting in the Initial Public Offering, merger, evaluating and measuring the performance and the results of strategies, and evaluating the companies and its assets.

Internal audit services.

Corporate Strategic Management.

Corporate Vision and Mission.

Business Units Strategy, Objectives and Tactics. Policies and Procedures.

Growth Plan Strategy.

Receivership and close out services.