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Mr. Ali Khalid Al-Shaibany, CPA

He obtained the US membership of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the membership of Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) as he holds a master's degree in accountancy from the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana,USA) in addition to the high Diploma from the University of Colorado, and several courses in leadership from INSEAD University, France.

Worked as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) for grand family groups for more than 18 years and have extensive experience in several industrial, service and financial sectors, as media, advertising, aviation, hotels, travel, tourism, agriculture, real estate, financial and wealth management in Saudi Arabia and foreign financial funds. Worked on many mergers and acquisitions projects in the above-mentioned sectors, as well as restructuring and developing strategies and operations, supervised founding of several companies in different sectors.

Represented several share-holders companies at the board of directors and audit committees, and supervised external and internal audits. Has a wide knowledge and well-Acquainted of foreign tax systems and Trust Structure of family companies operating outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Britain, the European Union and United States, and representing in the board of directors of Offshore companies in several countries.

Mr. Wadie A.Saleh, CPA

Role on project : Ahmad is a Director in Multisolutions. He is a Certified Public Accountant, USA, 1992 and a Certified Public Accountant, Jordan, 1994. He holds a bachelor degree in accounting from Jordan University, Jordan 1983.

Ahmad has over twenty nine years of consulting, investment and auditing experience. His earlier experience at one of the big four international accounting firms in Saudi Arabia and as CFO of leading commercial group in Saudi Arabia have given him vast expertise in auditing, financial and accounting systems development, restructuring studies, internal control systems, fraud examination, implementation of ERP systems, due diligence , and other financial and management consulting services.

In the course of his work, Ahmed has been exposed to a wide range of clients in different industries including Hospitals, Pharmacies, Investments, Trading, Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Constructing, Hotels, ISP and Not-For Profit Organization.

Mr. Moutasem Alz’ztreh, ACCA, DipIFRS

Moutasem is Audit and Business Advisory Manager in Multisolutions, Riyadh office Moutasem has spent 10 years with an international accounting firm in Saudi Arabia. He graduated from Yarmouk University in Jordan with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

During the past years, Moutasem had an extensive experience in field of consultations and auditing for great number of companies in various fields such as telecommunications , manufacturing, contracting, trading, Installment, services and others.

Moutasem is also experienced in performing special business advisory engagements including budgeting and evaluation of costing and internal control systems and agreed upon procedures.

Moutasem is certified as expert in International Financial Reporting Standards awarded from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA DipIFRS).

Dr. Ibrahim Alhunaity

Consultant and Tax Expert
Holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Yarmouk University He holds a master's degree in auditing and taxation from Al-Bayt University He holds a PhD in International Business from International College - UK Dr. Ibrahim Alhunaity worked in the Housing Bank until the end of July 1992. He joined the Income Tax Department in August 1992.

I have Dr. Ibrahim Alhunaity has extensive experience in the field of tax consultancy for more than 20 years during which he worked with the Income and Sales Tax Department. He was responsible for the assessment and audit of income and sales tax on various types of companies and individuals at all stages of initial and self-assessment. The last of which was the Directorate of Senior Taxpayers.

Dr. Ibrahim Alhunaity is a non-commissioned lecturer at the University of Philadelphia and a Certified Trainer in Accounting and Tax Accounting at the Income and Sales Tax Department, the Jordanian Accountants Association (JAA) and the Income and Sales Tax Experts Association.

Dr. Ibrahim Alhunaity has been practicing Tax Consultancy since 2007, where he worked as Tax Manager at KPMG / Jordan until July 2011. He is currently responsible for managing many important local and foreign consulting operations through his work as General Manager of Al-Daleel Tax Consultancy and Training Established in July 2011.

Dr. Ibrahim Alhunaity is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Jordanian Accountants and a member of the Association of Jordanian Tax