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Alshaibany offices and sister companies

Alshaibany Certified Public Accountant:

Alshaibany Certified Public Accountants was established under Professional license Number (465), issued by the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA)to provide accounting and auditing services, as well as financial, administrative, and technical consulting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Our offices are in Riyadh, Dammam, and Tabuk.
Our policy is to recruit the best qualified employees. Therefore, our employees have solid experiences that range from 5to 10 years in auditing and consulting fields.
Our office is a certified by the Ministry of Commerce. It is also, certified by The General Courts and the Commercial Courts in KSA. Thus, we are able to provide the services of solving the financial disputes, Arbitration, Receivership and the close out.

Founder and Owner profile:

Mr. Ali Khalid Alshaibany, has obtained the US membership of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the membership of Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA), as he holds a Master's Degree in accountancy from the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana, USA) in addition to the high Diploma from the University of Colorado, and several courses in leadership from INSEAD University, France.
He worked as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) for grand family groups for more than 18 years and have extensive experience in several industrial, service and financial sectors, as media, advertising, aviation, hotels, travel, tourism, agriculture, real estate, financial and wealth management in Saudi Arabia and foreign financial funds.
He worked, as well, on many mergers and acquisitions projects in the above-mentioned sectors, such as restructuring and developing strategies and operations, supervised founding of several companies in different sectors.

Our Sister Companies in brief:

Alshaibany Zakat and Tax Services

Zakat and Tax Services was established and has the License Number 12239, issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to provide Zakat and Tax Consulting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our policy is to recruit the best qualified employees. Therefore, our employees have solid experiences that range from 10 to 15 years in Zakat and tax consulting fields.

Alshaibany Consulting & Auditing

Alshaibany Certified Public Accountants was established under the Professional license Number (465), issued by the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA)to provide accounting and auditing services, as well as financial, administrative, and technical consulting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our offices are in Riyadh, Dammam, and Tabuk. We have a team of the best qualified employees.


Multisolutions’ was founded in Riyadh in 2005 as a specialized consulting firm to serve the business community through the expertise and technical skills of its professional team and their dedication to provide high quality professional services. Multisolutions’ has provided professional services to large organizations in Saudi Arabia and other countries. Our strategy is to develop long-term relationships with our clients in which our overriding commitments to quality and added value become our hallmark. We believe that our strategy enables us to compete effectively in the markets.

Dubai- United Accounts DMCC

Dubai- United Accounts DMCC’ United Accounts (UA) recently obtained a DMCC license to operate as an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting service, UA will provide a service of VAT filling for their clients. VAT was implemented on January 1st, 2018 on most of items and service provided in U.A.E. Considering the VAT filling is mandatory for every single business eventually, UA is targeting to be one of the first to offer such services in Dubai and all U.A.E.

Services provided by our offices and sister companies:

Auditing and Accounting Services

■    External Audit Service:

Auditing the Financial Statements according to Saudi & international Generally Accepted Accounting Standards.

■    Internal Audit Service:

Providing the entire audit service for different types of businesses.

■    Bookkeeping Services:

Handling all accounting interested and preparing the required management financial reports.

Zakat and Tax Services

  • ■    Zakat, and income taxes’ consultancy services, including preparing and submitting Zakat & Tax returns, as well as representing the companies at Department of Zakat & Income Tax in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • ■    Zakat & Tax long term planning.
  • ■    Provide consulting and assistance in dealing with daily transactions.
  • ■    Assistance in presenting zakat and tax declarations.
  • ■    Provide our experience to reply the Zakat Department inquiries.
  • ■    Representing our client in the zakat assessment appeal procedures.
  • ■    Assistance to obtain the final and recorded tax certificates.
  • ■    Representing customers in their objection filing submitted to Zakat and Income dept.

VAT Services

    Our task and approach in applying the VAT Taxation system within your company / organization will be implemented in the 4 following steps:

  • 1│ VAT Implication Review 4-6 weeks.
  • 2│ Planning & Implementation 4-5 weeks.
  • 3│ VAT Reporting Review 2-3 weeks.
  • 4│ Post Implementatio Assistance 2-3 weeks.
  • -    The 4-phase work Approach shown above will assist you in undertaking an effective transition program for the implementation of VAT to review the relevant areas of the business that would be impacted and identify issues for resolution. This woul enable you to be "VAT-Ready" upon completion of the 4 phases above.
  • -    The four-step methodology for VAT implementation is based on our experience with VAT implementations across the world, most recently with regards to the VAT implementation in Malaysia and the VAT refirm in China. We would typically follow this approach to enable you to fully prepare for the VAT and identify opportunities ahead of your competitiors.
  • -    Each phase of the project will take into account the ongoing developments and information. Howeever, there may still be amendments made to the final format of the VAT regime in the course of its implementation. We will consider such developments and will reflect them in the scope of work under each phase of the project.
  • -    Our methodology is flexible and will be adapted to meet your specific need and expectations as our work progresses. Should you require changes to the agreed project scope in the course of our work, we will discuss and reflect them in the scope of work before we proceed.

Business Development

  • ■    Accounting consultancy services, including bookkeeping and accounting systems and integration
  • ■    Feasibility Studies.
  • ■    Settling the financial disputes, and the fraud investigation, including providing the consultancy that related to the partners or companies’ disputes, as well as assisting the companies in preparing and applying the policies and procedures of Anti-Fraud.
  • ■    Receivership and Liquidation.
  • ■    Providing the services of Management consultancy, including setting up financial and accounting systems, Computer’s systems, Costing accounting systems, Administrative systems, Internal control systems.
  • ■    Business Process Management (BPM).
  • ■    Provide services to improve the work performance for the main jobs in the companies.
  • ■    HR Consulting services.
  • ■    Risk Management services.
  • ■    Transactions services including the Acquisitions, conducting Acquisitions on behalf of the management (buyouts companies), assisting in the Initial Public Offering, merger, evaluating and measuring the performance and the results of strategies, and evaluating the companies and its assets.
  • ■    Internal audit services.
  • ■    Corporate Strategic Management.
  • ■    Corporate Vision and Mission.
  • ■    Business Units Strategy, Objectives and Tactics. Policies and Procedures.
  • ■    Growth Plan Strategy.
  • ■    Receivership and close out services.

Organization Restructuring

  • ■    Reviewing existing business structure and process.
  • ■    Conducting risk assessment.
  • ■    Develop & design the best restructure solution.
  • ■    Implement the designed and developed solution.
  • ■    Testing & map the business structuring process.

Business Continuity

  • ■    Review the existing Business Continuity Process.
  • ■    Helping Set a Preliminary Project Budget and Team.
  • ■    Design the Business Continuity Process and set Disaster Recovery Solution.
  • ■    Setting Back Up of Recovery Strategies and Procedures.
  • ■    Testing and review the disasters recover solutions.
  • ■    Customer Training.

Alshaibany offices and sister, related companies

Professional - Integrity - Experience

Alshaibany Office is qualified with a cadre of the highest standard, with international experience, and a high level of professionalism, and has the ability to provide professional services in the Arabic and English languages.

He is connected in cooperation with a network of certified offices, as well as law offices and offices of legal servies.



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